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about you

You don’t find yourself browsing this course site for no reason, do you? We would like to get to know you!

Your expectations

Please tell us what you expect from this course (you will be asked to fill out your username)

Present yourself

Wherever you are in the world, you’re not studying alone in this course. At the start, it’s useful to let others know something about yourself, your background and your motivation (if you do not feel comfortable sharing your real name, it is fine to use your username only).

Let’s do that in an informal way. Hereafter, you see a forum. Submit your answer to the following questions, and after that you will be able to read what others have answered (yes, only after having submitted your own answer first, you will be able to see the answers by others). Read a few of the other answers, pick the person you feel most similar to you, most different from you, or most intriguing, and write a short reply to his/her post.

If you’re not familiar about using such forums, you can first train yourself in a safe environment here.

Here are the questions you should answer in your post:

  • my name or username: …
  • the city and country from where I take this course: …
  • one reason why you should visit my city at least once in your life : …
  • my background (education, job, interests,…) : …
  • this is what I expect from this course: …
  • this is the longer term goal in my life to which I expect this course will contribute : …

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Viewing 15 topics - 1 through 15 (of 243 total)
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Remember, after having posted your contribution, react on the contribution of at least one other person.

Technical check

We are aware that not every person on Earth has access yet to superfast internet. Therefore we try to prevent consuming too much of your bandwidth. If you can comfortably watch videos on, say, Youtube, then you should be able to access comfortably all material in this course.

The most demanding part as far as internet speed is concerned, is watching the feedback webinars live. It requires a download speed of about 2 Mbps at your side (the more, the better). To check the speed of your connection, please run this speed test. If you can chose between a wired connection and wifi, then consider that a wired connection is usually more stable.

Just for our statistics, please report here the result of your speedtest:

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