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w2 – assessment choice / sign up for project

Depending on who you are, there are different arrangements regarding the project.

If you take this course for credit (this automatically includes students at Flemish universities), you must submit the form underneath — whether you will do the project or not.

For-credit students from Flemish universities can chose to be assessed based on a final exam, or based on project work. You make this choice in form underneath. If you opt for the final exam, no project work is required (although you still can do the project work on a voluntary basis). If you opt for the project work, you can still chose to do the final exam later on, but not the other way around. Please, chose for the project only if you intend to do it seriously: projects are made in team, and if you would not do your share of the work or drop out, this is a burden for your team mates.

For-credit students from universities outside Belgium (and who made an agreement at their institution that they will get credit from their institution for this course) can in principle not choose for the final exam as an assessment option. They can participate in the project, though.

If you are a volunteering student, (i.e. not for credit) then the project is an optional part. It is up to you to decide whether you take part in the project or not. Project work is team work (teams of 4 people). If you sign up for the project, you will be assigned to a team. Do not sign up lightely: if you withdraw, your team mates will suffer. Working on the project will take you a few hours extra work per week, throughout the course. If you cannot afford that, then please do not sign up. There is nothing more embarassing than dismanteling teams because 1, 2 or even three team members became silent after a few weeks. For this reason, you will be asked to sign an honour’s contract in case you take part in the project.

If you follow this course in sync with the Ghent edition (September-December), then the instructors will assign you to a team. If you take the course self-paced at another moment of the year, this will not be done. In that case, you can either work on the project alone, with a local team, or you can search fellow students who are working through the course at the same moment. There is a non-curated forum underneath where you can drop your name and contact info, if you want to form such an ‘inofficial’ team. If you are in search of a team, browse through recent posts in that forum to find other people in search of a team.

The project for this year has been explained on the previous page. With this form, you can sign up for a regular team (look up the deadline here):

If you are working through this course out of sync with the Ghent edition, then use this non-curated forum to form ‘inofficial’ teams: you can leave your contact details here, or you can contact people who recently expressed their interest in a team:

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