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the creation of materials from thought

This course fits in a worldwide (r)evolution in materials science, where computation at the quantum level is going to change the game. Although we will focus on academic aspects of this story, it is useful to see that the same message is being brought in economic and political environments as well.

Watch this video of Gerbrand Ceder speaking at the World Economic Forum (2014, Davoz) and reflect upon it via the forum underneath.

The vision sketched by Gerbrand Ceder is sometimes described as “the design of new materials from thought”, i.e. without experiments, using only computation. Describe in a couple of sentences your current personal opinion about this vision, and post it in the forum hereafter: do you agree or not, and why? How realistic is this? How far into the future lies this dream? …? After having posted, you can read what others posted. Feel free to comment on their thoughts.

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