chemical bonding in textbooks

chemical bonding in textbooks

For sure you studied before these different types of chemical bonds: ionic, covalent, metallic and Van de Waals’ bond. Refresh your memory by reading this section of a Wikipedia article about the major types of chemical bonds. Then test your knowledge via these quizes :

You get 8 cards. Four of them are labeled by a type of chemical bond (red), while the other 4 display a feature strongly connected to one of these chemical bonds (blue). Turn pairs of cards by clicking on them, and try to connect the correct feature and chemical bond:



Critically assess your quiz answers. If you made mistakes, read the Wikipedia text again to find out what you missed. If there is something you struggle with related to these 4 types of chemical bonding, then post your question in the forum underneath. If everything is clear to you, please help out others by answering 1-2 questions in the forum underneath. Continue to the next page once you have a clear mental picture about these 4 types of chemical bond.

If you have any doubt, question or comment about chemical bonds right now, put it in this forum. If you see question in the forum you can answer, please do so! Your fellow students thank you.



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