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    The properties of building materials and of the building constructions at different conditions are already known from the modelling, computer in this epoch and manual in the previous; and from the experience. The building principles have being developed since the Antiquity. In the materials engineering, the principles (the solid state physics) have being developed only since the brink of the XX century (the first one is the Drude model of metals). There is still a lot of things to be described in a computable way. For example, we have B.C.S. theory of superconductivity, but this theory does not cover all of the superconductive materials well-known to-day.

    Bridge construction: we have *this* task, *this* terrain, *these* materials are available in *this* area. We can use *these* features on *this* part, *these* features on *another* part, etc …combining… and *this* is the optimal project of the bridge. For a material construction, this is only a dream: surely picking material like a medicine at chemist’s

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